Essential Equestrian Security

Essential Equestrian can deploy a range of hardwired and wireless external and internal devices
to provide a resilient and reliable stable/ tack room security alarm system.

Robust combination solutions - Pro-active not re-active
Essential Equestrian deliver robust security platforms that combine multiple technology solutions for the Equestrian fraternity:

  • Internal and perimeter intruder detection
  • GSM off site monitoring with police and guard response
  • Remote view high definition CCTV with thermal imagery and fire detection


All our system are bespoke and tailored to your requirements and needs.


Are you experiencing repeat break-ins and are looking for a final solution?

Essential Security are a ‘Smoke Cloak’ and security fog specialist.

Smoke Cloak’ is the right choice to protect high value goods in one location, especially in an industrial or remote area like a stable block, where there are few people around to disturb intruders overnight or at the weekend.

Smoke Cloak’ protects your property from the losses and subsequent downtime that follows a break in. Once the Smoke Cloak is armed, alarm sensors monitor your premises, should movement be detected ‘Smoke Cloak’ will instantly trigger, cloaking the area with an impenetrable curtain of fog, reducing visibility to less than an arm's length, ensuring your goods are protected and the bad guys flee empty handed.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call for a chat about your equestrian security requirements on 01992 560 599 or e-mail us at