Addressable System

Addressable System

Addressable Fire Detection Systems are generally used in large buildings or complex structures as they can identify exactly where a fire has occurred as each alarm device has its own unique identification number.

This provides greater control and management of the system as you can tell which device has been activated and allow you to pin point the exact location of the fire and evacuate priority areas first.

The key features are:

> Identify all connected devices and their locations
> Pinpoint a fire's exact location
> Protect the system from circuit breaks
> Fewer false alarms
> Reduced installation costs
> Early fire detection
> Phased evacuations to keep order and reduce panic
> Report faults and problems

This means that the Fire Brigade can find and fight the fire sooner.

Addressable Fire Detection Systems are protected from circuit breaks as they're wired in a way that connects all devices in two places. This means that if there's a circuit break, the devices will still be connected.